Do you have a to-do list a mile long?

Never ending personal & professional responsibilities?

Maybe it feels like you’re always overcommitted…

Or pulled in a million directions without enough time for the things you say you actually care about...

And the life you truly desire?
If you’re feeling stressed, anxious or are wanting to make some changes in your life, I have exactly what you need!
I see you. I know you. I get you...because that used to be me.
I used to be the person who pushed through and persevered no matter what the toll was that it took on myself or my health. And I wore it with a badge of honor.

Don’t worry’s actually not our fault we do this to ourselves. Our society encourages it.
Hard work is rewarded. Exhaustion is seen as a marker of success.
We’re taught to believe we’re not doing enough and we’re not enough unless we continuously struggle.
This was me for 15 years during my masters and doctorate degrees and afterwards in a demanding career in the biotech industry.

None of this is actually needed though (not to mention totally unsustainable!)...and it definitely won’t help us get to where we want to go or be who we desire to be in this lifetime.
What we need instead is a solution that will allow us to rest & rejuvenate physically, and help us become more self-aware so we can better understand ourselves and our challenges, then identify the actions we need to take to walk out the life we truly desire.
We’re not trapped or stuck.

We have everything we need within ourselves to change the way we experience the world.

We just need a strategy to tap into that.
And MEDITATION is our vehicle to make it happen.
When I found meditation, I was chronically stressed and anxious, despite looking like I had it all together from the outside.

I was struggling in my marriage, and I was struggling in my life to manage a demanding corporate career in biotech and time for myself as a single mom.
I said I cared about a healthy relationship, exercising regularly, meditating, & sleeping 8 hours a night, but none of these things were actually happening in my life because EVERYTHING ELSE (a.k.a. my career and other people’s demands) always got in the way.
At least, those were my excuses for not being true to myself and the things I valued most in my life.
I was living completely out of alignment and just MAKING IT WORK instead of THRIVING.

So one day I decided I was done with the STRUGGLE.

I decided I was WORTH my own time and attention.

I realized if I didn’t make myself my #1 priority then no one else ever would.
So I ended my dysfunctional marriage in which I no longer felt supported, connected or heard.

And I intentionally began slowing down a notch and creating space in my day to meditate, exercise & sleep well.

I began by going to bed earlier (at 9PM) so that I could start my day earlier (at 5AM) to implement a morning routine that would include exercise and mediation before I jumped into raising a child solo and my hectic work day.

Starting first thing in the morning ensured I made meditation (and exercise!) happen and prioritized myself before giving my time and attention to anyone else.

It wasn’t easy at first, but I persevered and showed up consistently for myself for the first time in a long while.

It felt AMAZING.

The exercise and sleeping part was pretty easy for me. I’d always been active and generally got a good amount of sleep. But now, I was optimizing!
I remember the first time I sat down to meditate though. That was another story completely.

I couldn’t sit still.

My mind was racing.

My heart was racing.

I was physically agitated.

And I felt like I couldn’t breathe (literally...I was hyperventilating)

I think I might have even cried too.
At the time, I thought I was a BAD MEDITATOR and that maybe this whole meditation thing wasn’t going to be doable for me.
But I stuck to it anyway, because I knew in my heart there were things I wanted to do and be in this lifetime, and that I deserved the life of my dreams.
Over time, I learned that the discomfort I was experiencing was just a natural way for the body to release stress (and boy did I ever have a lot of that to get out of my system!), so I could stop worrying and just accept the experience for what it was.
All I needed to focus my energy on was committing to 20 minutes a day to sit down and do it. And I did.
Today I’m proud to share that I’ve been practicing meditation daily for over 5 years, and it has literally transformed my life. It’s transformed the way I think, the way I feel and my relationships...all for the BETTER.

Meditation has:

  • Helped me get out of my head, deepen my self-awareness and foster a true understanding of who I am and what I desire in life
  • Rejuvenated me physically and emotionally from daily stressors and continues to help me cope with challenging times 
  • Made me less irritable, less upset about unmet expectations and I don’t feel so much fear anymore
  • ​Given me more energy, patience, inner calm, clarity of thought, improved focus, connection to the present moment and trust in myself
  • ​Allowed me to step into my confidence fully so that I can lead and live my life the way I truly want to!
Because of my meditation practice, not only was I able to finally leave a marriage that was no longer serving me, but I recently also found the courage to follow my heart and leave my 15 year career in healthcare to launch a wellness business that aligns with my true passions.

There are also additional physical benefits that I feel as a scientist and healthcare professional I must also mention! I studied physiology during my undergrad and both my masters and doctorate degrees. And let me tell you, physiology matters! The mind and body are truly interconnected.

From a physiological perspective mediation can:

  • Reduce heart rate and blood pressure allowing you to stay calmer
  • Stimulate muscle relaxation so you carry around less tension and stress
  • Boost your immune system so you get run down and sick less often
  • ​Reduce the amount of cortisol you produce so you feel less anxious and unsettled
  • ​Increase the size of your brain so your memory, attention, self-awareness and ability to self-control all get a boost

If these are the kind of things you want in your life and for your future then my Limitless Meditation course is for you!

Here’s what to expect in the course…

Each day for 3 days, we will have a short 60-90 minute session where you will learn and master the 1 Giant Mind BEING meditation technique.

Imagine after just 3 days feeling completely self-sufficient and empowered in your mediation practice!

This technique, which is EFFORTLESS to practice, has two main effects on your mind and body.  

First, it rapidly expands your self-awareness, and second, it triggers deep rest by activating the body’s relaxation response through the parasympathetic nervous system.

With a regular practice, you can expect to experience a deep sense of knowing who you truly are, you will recover from deep rooted stress and fatigue, and gain the confidence and clarity you need to lead your life in alignment with your true desires.

Life will just FLOW more!

Here are some more details on what we’re covering in the course:

Each day we will share a group meditation, a post-meditation review and talk through how to practice what you're learning on your own. 

Plus, in each session, we'll laser in on one additional topic of interest to further enhance your practice!
Session 1: 
Learn the basics of this incredible technique and how meditation can actually feel effortless and enjoyable.

Session 2:
Create your plan to actually be able to stick to your daily practice without it feeling stressful or like it takes too much time. 

Session 3:
Discover the secrets of how tapping into BEING (or a present moment awareness) through closed-eye meditation can enhance your open-eye experience in daily life to get you from where you are to where you want to be in life.

After you complete the course you’ll start experiencing things in your day to day life such as:

  • Noticing you’re less cranky and reactive to people and situations; instead you’ll be able to respond with grace!
  • You’ll recover more rapidly when things don’t go your way
  • You’ll spend less time in fear and actually embrace change and stepping into the unknown
  • ​You’ll see life (even its challenges!) as an opportunity to grow
  • ​If someone or something trips you up, you won’t stay stuck worrying about it
  • ​You’ll still feel emotional pain, but you won’t dwell in it anymore
  • ​You’ll start to experience a strong and steady stream of creative desire, and feel inspired to impact the lives of others
  • ​All of your relationships (including the one with yourself) will become deeper and more meaningful 
But don’t take my word for it…

Check out what people are saying about their experience taking this course so far.

“I’ve been pseudo-meditating for about 4 years now. Meditation never came naturally to me. I felt like I have always been just toe-dipping in meditation but always wanted to take it to a deeper level, so I signed up for Limitless Meditation. Celeste is incredible, and the technique literally blew my mind and took my existing practice to a whole new level, which I’m so excited about!”

“The technique we learned in the course is very easy to follow, and I instantly felt more calm and relaxed by just the second day. Celeste was welcoming and willing to listen to our experiences and questions and gave helpful advice. I am so happy and thankful for for this course which came at exactly the right time in my life!”

“My biggest take away from the course is that there is no magical fix. Meditation is something that needs to be committed to and absorbed as part of a daily routine. Some of the immediate benefits I experienced during the course were a good night’s sleep and mood improvement. I enjoyed Celeste’s teaching style and how she specifically checked in with each individual and made us feel comfortable enough to share our experiences. I also liked the class size. It was small enough to feel comfortable but enough people to get other perspectives too.”

“I found the technique easy to learn and noticed I felt immediately refreshed after the short group meditations in the course. Celeste has a natural ability to connect with each student and is very personable.”

“I loved learning that I can tap into my brain and flow with it through meditation. I felt calm at many moments which was a great change for me as an anxiety sufferer. Celeste is awesome!”

So...are you ready to learn to meditate and transform your life into the one you actually truly desire?
Here’s what’s included...

Group Course Instruction + Group Support ($199):

  • 3 small group training calls (60-90 minutes each depending on group size... 6 people max)
  • Ongoing support and accountability in my online FB group which is set up as a safe space for you to connect with other meditation students, ask me questions & stay informed about upcoming meditation classes and/or events

Want a more personalized learning experience?


All attention on YOU.

All of YOUR questions asked in real time.

A higher level of ACCOUNTABILITY.

If so...I also offer the course via private and semi-private instruction too!

There are both options for a more personalized experience:

Private or Semi-Private Course Instruction  ($499):

  • Everything you get with the group option above but the 3 training calls are done privately at your convenience
  • ​Your private course is one on one
  • ​Your semi private course can be with whomever you want! (This is a great option for couples, siblings, best friends)

Still need more info to decide if this program is right for you?

Let me share why I am teaching meditation…

Meditation has been a game changer in my life both personally and professionally.

It helped me leave a marriage that didn’t serve me and a job that no longer fulfilled me, and allowed me to instead create space for things that truly bring me joy and purpose in life!

At first I thought I would NEVER BE ABLE TO MEDITATE because my mind was always racing and my anxiousness wouldn’t allow me to sit still for more than a minute or two.

I also didn’t believe I would ever have the TIME to make a consistent practice happen.
But something inside me kept nagging at me to be more open to giving mediation a real try.
So I stuck to it.

With time, I learned that the discomfort I experienced when my eyes were closed in meditation was just my body’s way of releasing years of chronic stress & fatigue and that I wasn’t actually a bad meditator. It was all part of the process and it was all helping me by just sitting down, no matter what I experienced.

I also realized that there was never going to be such a thing as more time to make my meditation happen. Instead I realized I needed to make a mindset shift of my own and simply decide that I was worthy of my own time and attention as well as this practice.

So I started one day with this meditation technique and now more than 5 years later I have never looked back.

I’m calmer, happier, more purposeful and more fulfilled in my day-to-day. 

I have full clarity around who I am, what I stand for and what I desire in my life, and I have the confidence that I can make it happen.

I can honestly say that meditation has been the foundation to support my transformation, so I want to share it with everyone I can!


If you want to make a change in your life.

If you want to ditch stress & anxiousness.

If you have dreams for your life and you know you deserve to make them happen.

Then join me to learn how to meditate.

I’d love to share this journey with you!

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